Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Company operations simplified with third-generation business intelligence

Lead with Data

Turify Business Intelligence is the only end-to-end data management and analytics platform that gives you all your company’s KPIs instantly.

The Employee You’ve Been Missing

Our intelligence platform gives you instant access to your business KPIs and uses automated intelligence to help you make the right decision every time. By collecting data and understanding your needs, it will feel like having a super intelligent team member who always provides you with the exact information you need.

Analyze what tours and activities have the highest reservations

Analyze what partners or guides makes the most on-point sales

Compare data by day, weeks, months, years, origin of sales, and cities

Create different reports for each partner to analyze cost-benefit

Improve productivity based on immediate and accurate data analysis

Create professional reports to share with your team quickly and easily

Perform fast analysis through rapid collection of information and data

Access to data on mobile devices for working on the move

Insightful Analytics

Explore without limits

You can finally relax and let your imagination run wild with all your company’s data at your fingertips.
Turify is at your service, allowing you to create an endless number of combinations for useful and practical data analysis.
Make the right decisions by understanding your business performance in depth and in real time.

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All Your Company's KPIs in Real Time

Improve the productivity of your company, thanks to data analysis, automated processes, and the speed of information:

  • Operational KPIs
  • Sales growth metrics
  • Cash flow in real time
  • Cost distribution by brand
  • Monthly sales bookings
  • Profit margins by city
  • Top purchases by quarter
  • Web traffic conversions

Dynamic Data

Review instant updates for all processes in your company through our interactive graphics and tables.


Be able to work anywhere and with anyone on your team. Create and analyze data from any device.

Custom Reports

Give everyone on your team the tools to design and share professional reports quickly and easily.


Focus More on Company Growth

Our Business Intelligence Module will allow you to focus your efforts on continuing to grow your company by removing time-consuming procedures and administrative tasks. Access to an unlimited amount of data will give you knowledge to grow your company by:

  • Putting more money into your best markets.
  • Seeing opportunities to open new markets.
  • Rewarding highly producing staff for their work.

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Control Expenses

All expenses are registered on the spot, providing a real time overview of your margins

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Revenue Management

Improve your profits with intelligent pricing and availability decisions.

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Channel Manager

Who doesn’t have a Channel Manager? The difference is in the details.

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Cash & Accounting

Keeps administrative work up to date.

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Ticketing & Check-in Platform

Sales and ticketing tools for any device, IOS, Android, Destokp, anywhere, for all your channels.

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Task Manager

“It’s Now Easy to Track Your Team’s Tasks Works in teams, saves time, avoids errors, and improves customer satisfaction”

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Marketing Platform

Automates communications with your customers and improves their happiness.

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More Features

Use Turify’s extra features to control reservations and expenses for multiple companies.

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