Ticketing & Check-in

Ticketing & Check-in

Provide customers exceptional front-line service with our sales and ticketing tools for all devices

Focus on the Client, Turify Takes Care of the Process

Our Sales App, Check-in App, and Turify widget were created to help you grow your distribution

Turify Booking System

Manage All Your Bookings in One Place

Make sure your customers can find you everywhere by using Turify to sell your tours and activities online, at point-of-sales, over the phone, and through agents. Our Reservation System helps you increase sales and customer satisfaction by offering your products and services on any channel on any device.

Review an up-to-date summary of all bookings on the Dashboard Calendar.

Record all reservations made my partners and at POS quickly and easily.

Manage refunds and cancellations from all sales channels in one place.

Optimize your inquiry management for special bookings needing customization.

Provide a sense of security using secure payment links to collect outstanding payments.

Gain more exposure by becoming a part of the Turify digital participant list.

Keep your team productive and organized by assigning multi-user logins.

Use our customer database to improve customer support performance.

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Sales App & Partners POS

Empower Front-Line Staff

Say goodbye to phone calls and emails with our sales and partner apps for iOS, Android, and desktops. With up-to-date availability, prices, and promotions in the palm of their hand, the customer experience during sales will improve. The apps allow for.

Instant payments

Ticket delivery

Paperless solutions

Control of sales targets

Calculate Commissions

Redeeming of vouchers

Customized Back Portal

Customize a backend portal for sales partners by adjusting their user permissions and letting them book directly into your system. Our API connectivity will help eliminate overbookings and calls for pricing confirmation.

Better Customer Service

Your staff will be prepared to answer all customer questions with the ability to access up-to-date availability. This will help them confidently make last-minute sales and have instant information of ongoing or new promotions

Agent Performance Tracking

Use our reporting feature to get a clear overview of the most recent data as to how your agents are performing. You can also set commission rates for your agents and let Turify manage the calculations and track payouts.

APP Check-in

Tour Management Made Easy

The Turify Check-in App gives your front-line staff the tool needed to provide a fast and professional check-in experience. In addition to improving the customer experience, the App instantly records data associated with tour expenses, staff hours, and no-shows.


  • Provide a quick and easy check-in service for customers.
  • Validate tickets offline with no need for a Wi-Fi connection.

Register Expenses

  • Review all tour expenses related to anticipated payouts.
  • Use data of hours worked to calculate freelance wages.

Customer Tracking

  • Keep an up-to-date record of number of no-show customers.
  • Use data to address customer disputes when necessary.

Employee Tracking

  • Monitor front-line staff more efficiently with guide check-in.
  • Collect data on how many tours each guide has performed.


Booking Engine

Integrate our booking widget to your website to see an increase in your online conversion rate.

Turify’s specialized booking and checkout system integrates all the data collected to maximize your homepage profits for excursions, activities, and events. You’ll be able to

  • set combination discounts based on intelligent pricing
  • simplify the purchasing process with a checkout button
  • provide customers a fast and easy booking experience

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Control Expenses

All expenses are registered on the spot, providing a real time overview of your margins

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Revenue Management

Improve your profits with intelligent pricing and availability decisions.

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Channel Manager

Who doesn’t have a Channel Manager? The difference is in the details.

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Cash & Accounting

Keeps administrative work up to date.

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Task Manager

“It’s Now Easy to Track Your Team’s Tasks Works in teams, saves time, avoids errors, and improves customer satisfaction”

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Business Intelligence

Automated Intelligence We are happy if you don’t have to lift a finger.

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Marketing Platform

Automates communications with your customers and improves their happiness.

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More Features

Use Turify’s extra features to control reservations and expenses for multiple companies.

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