Control Expenses

Control Expenses

Executive happiness begins by knowing your expenses

Sales are important, profits are the goal

By having instant access to all your expenses, Turify makes it easier for you to make decisions that will increase your profit.


A Gift for the Finance Department

Get the Correct Costs—In Advance

Our Automatic Cost Calculation tool is the tool your Finance team has been waiting for. This tool takes advantage of Turify’s data collection and AI technology to get work done in little to no time. Your team will be able to create automations for tasks that have been too time-consuming and increase their productivity.

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Costs are everyone's business

Not all sales are profitable

Turify records all expenses associated with your tour and activities company instantly to give you access to data in real-time, helping you make cost objectives a priority for everyone in the company.

Make smarter pricing decisions by considering all tour expenses

Decrease losses by ensuring all sales are profitable

Bring in more profit by working for yourself, not for commissions and wages

Use data and metrics to negotiate better prices with your suppliers

Analyze data to determine when to buy tickets in bulk

Easily use a cost-benefit analysis to choose between suppliers

Reward high performing guides based on track-record of customer success

Compare costs between cities and specific tours

Monitor Your Company’s Financial Health

In real-time / multi-device

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Design it Your Way

Design the costs and revenue drivers associated with each activity. But it doesn’t stop there. You can also assign costs to each product and organize them into categories.

  • Tickets
  • Guides
  • Transportation
  • Drivers
  • Fuel
  • Food & Beverage
  • Parking
  • Rental
  • Transfer


Make Administrative Tasks More Enjoyable

One-Time Data Entry / One-Time Setup

By immediately registering income, wages, ticket costs, and more into the Turify system you can eliminate the administrative back and forth with partners and suppliers. Instantly calculate supplier invoices free of errors allowing your employees to focus on other tasks they are more passionate about.

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Task Manager

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Marketing Platform

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More Features

Use Turify’s extra features to control reservations and expenses for multiple companies.

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