Marketing Platform

Marketing Platform

Automate personalized marketing campaigns to increase profit and build customer loyalty.

Automates Communication to Improve Customer Journey

Our marketing platform allows you to organize and automate all your tour and activities campaigns on all communication channels.

Increase Conversions with Personalized Email Marketing

On our platform we give you the tools to use data collected to customize email campaigns based on customer segments.

Increase sales by:

  • Sending automatic reminders to finalize purchases for services in customer check-out basket.
  • Programming seasonal promo emails based on previously purchased tours and activities.
  • Guaranteeing delivery of email campaigns at appropriate times to improve email open rate.
  • Improving email quality by using our database of templates and GIFs to add more images.

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Upsell Your Customers by Providing Real Value

All customer data collected can be used efficiently to send personalized emails post-booking. Program strategic emails offering additional services for already booked tours such as:

  • Special events.
  • Group discounts.
  • Last-minute purchases.


Cross-Selling with Strategy

Keep satisfied customers coming back by automating product recommendations and promo code campaigns associated with:

  • Cities already visited.
  • Tours located nearby.
  • Previous purchases.

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Control Expenses

All expenses are registered on the spot, providing a real time overview of your margins

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Revenue Management

Improve your profits with intelligent pricing and availability decisions.

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Channel Manager

Who doesn’t have a Channel Manager? The difference is in the details.

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Cash & Accounting

Keeps administrative work up to date.

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Ticketing & Check-in Platform

Sales and ticketing tools for any device, IOS, Android, Destokp, anywhere, for all your channels.

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Task Manager

“It’s Now Easy to Track Your Team’s Tasks Works in teams, saves time, avoids errors, and improves customer satisfaction”

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Business Intelligence

Automated Intelligence We are happy if you don’t have to lift a finger.

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More Features

Use Turify’s extra features to control reservations and expenses for multiple companies.

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