More Features

More Features

All your booking system favorites with the Turify twist

Beyond a Booking System

Use Turify’s extra features to control reservations and expenses for multiple companies at one time and to keep all information secure on our worldwide cloud service.


Multi-Company Control

Manage multiple companies or brands on one single platform

Turify is the only software that has been specifically built to help you manage more than one company in one place. A centralized system helps you run your business efficiently to reduce stress and bring back joy and excitement to your entrepreneurial efforts.

Through our dashboards and customizable automations, you can:

  • eliminate the chaos of multiple Excel sheets for easy tracking.
  • assign tickets between your multiple companies and brands.
  • have a real-time overview of cash flow to analyze cost distribution.


Reservation System

Our reservation system makes sure you have control of each step of the process, while allowing you to customize the system for higher employee, staff, and partner productivity.

  • Multi-user & Multi roll.
  • Real-time booking management
  • Small data for your business

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Service & Security

We provide an easy transfer of all your information from other platforms to ensure that your company and customer data is safe and secure. The Turify system also provides.

  • clear online tutorials.
  • worldwide cloud service.
  • 24/7 customer service.
  • instant security notifications.


Content Management System

Handle all your content in one place

The Turify CMS integrates easily with your website allowing you to have control of text, images, meeting points on one simple to use platform

Explore more features

Control Expenses

All expenses are registered on the spot, providing a real time overview of your margins

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Revenue Management

Improve your profits with intelligent pricing and availability decisions.

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Channel Manager

Who doesn’t have a Channel Manager? The difference is in the details.

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Cash & Accounting

Keeps administrative work up to date.

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Ticketing & Check-in Platform

Sales and ticketing tools for any device, IOS, Android, Destokp, anywhere, for all your channels.

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Task Manager

“It’s Now Easy to Track Your Team’s Tasks Works in teams, saves time, avoids errors, and improves customer satisfaction”

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Business Intelligence

Automated Intelligence We are happy if you don’t have to lift a finger.

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Marketing Platform

Automates communications with your customers and improves their happiness.

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