Revenue & Yield Management

Revenue & Yield Management

Use intelligent pricing rules and availability automations to grow your profits efficiently

Designed to Improve Profitability

Increase your profits by setting prices based on supply and demand, actual revenue, and strategic promotions/packages

Real Dynamic Pricing

Use our Yield Management Tool to increase Margins

Choose Price Variability for a Growth in Profits

Increase sales margin by automatically increasing prices depending on availability.

Different Prices for Different Schedules / Languages

Not all Schedules are the same and neither are your languages offer.

Discount Codes & Seasonal Promotions

Grow sales in all channels by generating (specific) discount codes for your website, app, agents, resellers, and staff.

Different Prices for Different Channels

Use multiple intelligent pricing rules to set pricing based on Demand & Margin from each channel.

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Rediscover the Joy of Group Bookings

Use this module to effortlessly manage your reservations and tour capacity by creating structured packages (e.g. dinner and a show).

Offer discounts to groups and families with packaged tickets. Simply decide which tickets you’d like to include, set any discounts or offers, add any limitations, and you are done.


Stop Sell by Channel

Increasing profit and customer satisfaction

Automatic stop sell allows you to make your final sales on your terms by selling your last tickets and reservations directly on your website. By having full control of your ticket/reservation count you will.

  • Save money on OTA commissions
  • Improve employee productivity through automation
  • Increase customer satisfaction by preventing overbookings

By analyzing revenue from each channel, you can also selectively stops sales on the channels that are least profitable.

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Control Expenses

All expenses are registered on the spot, providing a real time overview of your margins

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Channel Manager

Who doesn’t have a Channel Manager? The difference is in the details.

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Cash & Accounting

Keeps administrative work up to date.

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Ticketing & Check-in Platform

Sales and ticketing tools for any device, IOS, Android, Destokp, anywhere, for all your channels.

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Task Manager

“It’s Now Easy to Track Your Team’s Tasks Works in teams, saves time, avoids errors, and improves customer satisfaction”

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Business Intelligence

Automated Intelligence We are happy if you don’t have to lift a finger.

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Marketing Platform

Automates communications with your customers and improves their happiness.

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More Features

Use Turify’s extra features to control reservations and expenses for multiple companies.

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